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We are street art fanatics from Heerlen, proud of our city full of fantastic creative works. Are you a street art hunter, just like us, and would you like to set up your own public gallery? Please contact us. We’d love to help you share your collection with everyone.

Contact: or 0031 (0)6 48 47 86 06

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Hi! Now Groningen is also part of  Streetart Cities. Everyone in this Streeatrt network has  a big passion for streetart.  Our mission is to show and share the best street art we find in our city. In the North of the Netherlands you find the city of Groningen filled with students. With a lot of young people comes a lot of creativity. A part of this creativity shows itself on the walls of the city. Come over and check it out! 

You can contact us by sending an email to
And find more images on instagram @streetsofgrunn